Monday, July 20, 2009

This is all new to me....

Ok, so a lot of my friends have blogs. I read them and am entertained by them, sometimes more than others. Some of them are inspiring. And of course, I aspire to be one of those entertaining, inspiring bloggers that people want to subscribe to and read every time I update it. In truth, I suspect that I will blog for a while and then slowly drift away from the habit. So bear with me. I'm trying.

My mother saw a "Dr. Phil" episode where some stay at home mom starting blogging just for herself and it turned into a business. A very successful business, to the point that her husband had to quit his job. I don't expect that for myself. (Although admittedly, it would be nice.) As I explained to my mom, I am simply not that kind of writer. Research on someone else's work is more my style. I'm not being pessimistic, that's simply how it is.

In this blog, I think that I want to write about things that interest me. People that interest me. And I think I will work at trying to share a little bit of myself and my life as well. Who knows, maybe I am inspiring....

So here goes nothing. For those of you who don't know, I am a stay at home mom, living in Tulsa, OK. Recently transplanted from Dallas (where I lived for 10 years), I am adjusting both to life as a SAHM, and life in a new town. Chad and I are finally seriously pursuing a church home, which so far has a been a frustrating, enlightening, and strangely liberating process. More on that later. I have been hunting for a job for the last 5 months, and have had almost no bites. Apparently moving during a recession was NOT the best plan, at least not without lining up a job first. Too late now!! Before we moved, I was working in a call center, at a job that paid the bills, but wasn't really something I enjoyed. In Tulsa, that job looks better and better everyday. I have to remind myself that everything looks better in hindsight. My plan was that I was going to seek an alternative teaching certificate. I have a BA in English, teaching seemed like a pretty good plan, and Texas is desperate for teachers. Obviously, seeking certification for Texas while living in Oklahoma was not the best plan, so last week I sent out my application to be alternatively certified in Oklahoma. Now we spend the next 6 weeks praying. In the meantime, if you're reading this and you know anyone who's hiring in Tulsa, let me know!!!

On to more exciting things, Chad and I have a 17 month old daughter (hence the SAHM part...), Hailey. She is a blessing, a joy, a terror, a short, everything and more that I could have hoped for in a child. Even the pain and terror part. Today I sneezed-she said, "Bless you." Watching her grow and learn, especially in this last 5 months, has been nothing short of amazing. To those of you who don't believe there is a God, I think that you should watch your own beautiful child grow and learn from an infant totally dependent upon you, to a person who is learning to do more and more for herself every day.

On that note, I am going to say goodbye for now. Please don't hold my run-on sentences and English degree against me....its enough that I will try to write this blog without a single smiley face. Not even one. I'm going to try to make my words smile for me. Thanks for reading, more on the hunt for a church home next time...

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