Monday, January 11, 2010

Religion, Journalism, and Politics

I know that the incident with Brit Hume happened a couple of weeks ago, and I really did not get the whole story right away, then forgot about it, et cetera. Living in the world of a toddler, I don't see the news much. This caught my attention, because as soon as I heard it, I thought, "This guy is only doing what all Christians have been charged to do-spread the word! What is it that they don't get???"

Then, while driving home from my parents' house last week, I caught a snippet of a talk radio show that was discussing this incident. It was a Christian radio station, and they were taking callers to comment on Brit Hume's "mistake." Most of the callers were full of praise, but there was one who jumped to the defense of Buddhism-sort of. He didn't seem to know much about Buddhism, and while he did have a middle eastern name and accent, I never could determine if he was Buddhist, or just ticked off at the audacity of Hume.

Let me just say, I get it. He's a journalist, and is therefore not suppposed to have an opinion. He's also human, and a Christian. Humans in general have opinions (much like the posterior region of our bodies, right??), and as Christians, we have been charged to be fishers of men. To spread the Word of God. That's the only thing that Christ asked of us. In return, we get eternal life. And Hume spoke the truth. Check out the website listed above. I didn't do a lot of research on this, but merely read one article, and I was so amazed at Hume's story that I felt I needed to share this.

I don't claim to know anything about Buddhism beyond recognizing the little fat guy as Buddha (right?). I have been raised as a Christian, and have never felt the need to research other religions, but from what this article says, Hume was right. Buddhism doesn't forgive. In fact, you get retribution for the sins/good deeds you have committed. In other words, payback. Which is definitely not what Christianity offers.

Brit Hume may not have been practicing journalistic integrity, but he was behaving as Christians should, in a pretty mild way. There was no attack on Tiger Woods, or on other religions. He did not shout that "I'm right and you're wrong." He simply made a suggestion. One that has to get him a check mark with the Big Guy.


  1. Great blog post!!! Kudos to you for blogging about it...and for those who aren't afraid to speak the truth! Truth isn't popular these days...

  2. Actually Buddha was a small guy (think Ghandi-ish). The "fat guy" we always associate Buddhism with is one of their gods. That is all I know about it though (my parents were missionaries in Thailand for a while, they learned that while they were there)!! Great post soul sista!!