Thursday, September 3, 2009


I say it a lot. "I'll keep you in my prayers." "I'll be praying for you." My home church has a prayer list for joys, concerns, and other prayer worthy occasions.

Here's the thing, though: I'm not really sure how to keep up a prayer list. I try to remember everyone in my daily prayers, and of course in church or personal reflection. But I know I miss some. So my question is, how do you keep your prayer list? Do you keep an actual written list? Save Sunday's bulletin and add names to it as the week goes on? Or do you just carry the list in your head and your heart, and trust that even if you don't mention those folks by name that God knows what is written there?

Because in my heart of hearts, I know that God knows all, sees all, IS all, but I sometimes have the feeling that the people I have promised to pray for are somehow cheated because I failed to mention them by name. Or that I'm somehow less of a person because I can't remember the 32 people I promised to pray for. And admittedly, while I know that they need them, I never remember to mention our country's leaders, or our troops overseas (or at home).

So I guess I'm just taking a do you keep your prayer list?

P.S. Going through some transitional, spiritual growth (I hope) stuff.....and honestly, the changes happening in our lives right now are so overwhelming that I'm not ready to deal with them publicly-so I apologize if some of you are tired of the incessant, public, faith walk.


  1. I'm right in step with you girl...and I'm going to post a response in a little bit; don't have the time to sit and write what I want now, but I promise I will... Love you guys...

  2. i completely suck at it. i usually write it down but almost never remember to get that list back out again....
    i have a friend who keeps it in her console...and prays when she is stuck in the car..

  3. I keep a prayer journal... I journal the names that I said I would pray for. I don't do it everyday... cause I'm not perfect, but I do it often.