Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Hailey and I recently went to Temple to visit my family and meet my new nephew Ben. While we were there, my parents had some red grapes in the house. Because they're SO easy and portable, I took grapes with me everywhere while we were there. As a result, I now have a grape addict on my hands. She calls them "bapes."

Since grapes are in season, we have now gone through two bags of them. We got back last Thursday. Tonight I was getting her dinner ready, and as usual, I got some grapes out. I did a poor job of picking the bag today because there are lots of small, shrivelly grapes. As I picked through the "bad" ones, it occurred to me that maybe we're like grapes. Maybe sometimes God thinks He might not have picked the best bag. I know sometimes I'm a shrivelly grape.

So I ate one. It wasn't the best grape I ever had. It was a little mushy, but the flavor was still good. I won't say I won't check the bag more carefully next time, or seek out the ones that are firmer, but I'll definitely keep this bag of grapes in mind the next time I feel the need to say something mean about a stranger. Or talk about a friend behind their back. Or even just go to sleep instead of saying "Thanks" to God for not throwing me out when I'm not the firmest grape in the bunch.


  1. Kat that was beautiful! And so very true...

    I am totally jealous that Hailey calls them Bapes...Chase screams for his "RAPE, RAPE"! That is horribly embarassing at the store!!! :)

  2. LOL!!! That's so funny! Thanks for the chuckle! :) I babysat for a family whose youngest couldn't say his "tr". Instead he said "f." His older brothers thought it was hilarious to get him to say truck.....Get it????

  3. This is so true! It is really hard to keep your perspective sometimes!