Monday, April 26, 2010


i haven't been here in a while. okay, that isn't entirely true. i've checked in on my friends' blogs, just haven't posted on mine. with a new job, Hailey in day care, and desperately trying to get to the gym, i haven't had much time. immediately after starting this job, i had to go out of town two weekends in a row, and so this past weekend was my first chance at real rest time. with a two year old, so the actual rest was negligible.

i feel like i want to write something deep and profound, but the truth is, i just don't have it in me. i still don't catch the news very often, so i can't give my views on that, and truthfully, in addition to not getting to the gym, i haven't gotten to church much either. (although we did make it this past sunday.)

so i don't have much to say. i forgot how tough it is to work and be a mommy. especially when daddy works a schedule that doesn't allow him to be here for bathtime and bedtime. maybe next time i'll feel more inspired. in the meantime, thanks to my friends who are keeping ME entertained, even while i provide no entertainment myself.

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  1. Hang in there Kat...I can't imagine how tough it is, but know we love you guys and think of you often. LOVE YOU!!!!!!