Friday, February 4, 2011

Snow. Again. It's never ending.

It's snowing again. The weatherman is predicting 3-5 inches. On top of 14 we got earlier this week. Oh yeah, and more on Sunday. Only a few inches again. "Only." And again on Wednesday. For Wednesday, they're predicting 10 inches. Great.

I have not left my apartment complex since I got home from work on Monday night. I have left my apartment, but only to walk the dog. We have not gotten mail since Monday, nor does there seem to be much chance of it coming before next weekend.

Hailey's third birthday is next Saturday, and while we don't have a big party planned, I did plan on having our families and a few friends in for a little party at Fuddrucker's. Gonna be tough to do if they have to drive through SNOW. COPIOUS AMOUNTS OF SNOW. I know, I know, New England has been going through this all winter. Small comfort, since we're in Tulsa, and can't be let out of our houses in this stuff, because we can't be trusted to drive in it.

A friend of mine called it "snow hell" on Facebook. And I think it is. Cabin fever has set in, our routines have been disrupted for an entire week, and we have had to eat more leftovers than we care to think of. I am winter's biggest advocate, at least among my friends. I love the cold, love the white stuff, and yet, I am READY. FOR. WINTER. TO. END.

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