Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snow. Everywhere

Most of you have heard by now of the great blizzard of 2011. This is the third blizzard I've ever experienced, and it has been by far the most inconvenient. For me, anyway.

The first one happened on our way to Aspen when I was four and a half. Not really a big deal for me, I wasn't driving, and I didn't have to work. It merely meant an extra night in a truck stop with my parents, siblings, and grandparents. My mom probably didn't like it, since my sister was less than ten days old, but she didn't air her concerns to me.

The second one was Christmas of 2009. Not really a "blizzard," there wasn't really enough snow, but it was blizzard-like conditions (which just means the wind blows the snow a lot and makes visibility practically nothing). I wasn't working at the time, although Chad was, but since it was Christmas Eve, he got off work early so we could drive to Temple to see my family. How far did we make it, you ask? Oh, about 45 minutes down the road to this little town called Okmulgee. Only it took us like two hours to get there. After we watched another car on the northbound side of the highway spin into the median (they were fine), we turned around. It was actually the best Christmas I've ever had, since it was just my little family. By some lucky chance, I bought a saucer sled for Chad for Christmas, so we played on that, made stuffed rock cornish game hens, and just hung out.

This year, I have a job. Not one that I'm particularly crazy about, but it is a job. I can't get to it. My car does not have 4 wheel drive, and since we live in an apartment, we're pretty well blocked in. We got fourteen inches, and yesterday it was so miserable outside that we only ventured out three times between the three of us. Once for Chad, and twice for me, just so we could walk the dog. Today has been better, we did get out, but it's cold, and Hailey can't really walk on the icy parts of the road well, so she falls a lot, and so she hates it. Which means we're home bound. Again. And probably will be again tomorrow. Chad is going to get to work, but Hailey's day care is closed, and I'm not interested in wrecking my car to get to work.

Anyway, we moved to Tulsa for this kind of weather. Sort of. We thought we'd get a little snow here and there. The other day, my best friend (who lives in Philly at the moment) asked me how much snow Tulsa got annually. Nine inches was the average that I saw a few days before this conversation. She then asked if living here might require a snow blower. I told her that if she thought she wanted to own a snow blower, perhaps Tulsa was not the place for her. Sure do wish I had a snow blower right now...

But hey! At least I'm not in Texas, where they're iced in and experiencing rolling blackouts...

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  1. true. i'd rather have feet of snow than all this ice and the electricity cutting out every few hours. I will leave the house today even if it is in snow skis.