Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Recently, some major changes have started occurring in our lives. We don't know yet if they will be bad, good, or otherwise, but there they are all the same. Six months ago we made the decision to move to Tulsa so that Chad could take a job working for his uncle's restaurant. His uncle was planning on opening a second location, and wanted Chad to manage it.

Shortly after moving from Dallas to Tulsa, Garry became ill. He recieved a lung transplant in Aug 08, and had had few problems since. Unfortunately, our arrival seemed to "trigger" some infections, et cetera. (We didn't cause them, didn't mean to imply that.) At any rate, it was one thing after another, lots of treatments, trips to San Antonio (his transplant hospital), a stint (sp?), and finally he collapsed in his home. At that point, he called some friends who are firemen, who loaded him into an ambulance and carried him to a local hospital. He was in the hospital for about 2 weeks (really, I don't remember exactly how long it was), and finally he and his family made the decision to take him off of the meds/oxygen, et cetera. He was not ever on life support, but there were some treatments that were keeping him alive.

Last Monday, he passed away. I had plans to visit family in Texas for my sister-in-law's baby shower, Chad had to work the rest of the week, and the funeral/burial was in Hamilton (small town an hour from Temple) on the same day, at the same time, as the funeral. I chose to attend the funeral with Chad rather than the shower (admittedly, the more fun option), and spent a day with Chad's family (most of whom I don't know well).

With the funeral over, we are all left with the uncertainty of what will happen next. At the risk of sounding crude, I am not going to go into any detail, except to ask that those of you who read this please pray for our family that God will send us in the right direction. When I was in Temple this weekend, I attended my home church with my parents, and Thomas preached on the Holy Spirit. Please pray that we will be able to step aside from ourselves and let the Holy Spirit take over. Let the Spirit guide us in the direction that God has chosen for us. I know that He has chosen a path for us, it may or may not keep us here, but no matter what, God WILL provide.

In closing, go God!!


  1. Oh Kat...we've been praying and thinking about you guys since Garry's passing. I hope that some decisions become clear and God makes the right path known to you quickly. I'm so sorry... I know you feel like you are moving and dragging yourselves all over the place...and all I can say is that I understand that part. We'll continue to pray, and pray that you all are provided for, however God sees fit. Take care of yourselves Kat...we love you all...

  2. Kat you've got an award...come to my blog to get it!

  3. Coming over from Stacey's to say congrats on the award, but I will instead send some prayers your way. I'm sorry for everything you are going thru and I hope everything works out okay.